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We'd love to hear from you, however before you call us, have a read below through our Frequently asked questions, alot of commonly asked questions are answered below. After you've done that feel free to call or email us and we'll be happy to answer all your questions;

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Trailer, Park Model, Mobile Home what’s the difference ?
The answer to this question will vary quite a lot depending on whom you speak to. At Hillside these are our definitions;
    A) Trailer is something you can tow behind your vehicle without any special permits or an escort. At Hillside, customers with trailers are eligible for our regular season only, (long weekend in May to Thanksgiving). At no given time are customers eligible to live in trailer outside of the regular season.
    B) Park Models are shingled roof, 2x4 constructed units that are eligible to be put in the May to Oct seasonal section or the 8 and 10 month sections. 12' or 14' wide they come in 3 season (8 month area) and 4 season (10 month area) Only Northlander branded units purchased through Hillside are allowed on any 8 or 10 month site.
    C) Mobile Homes are all-season shingled roof units, and they are the only type of unit that we allow in our permanent living section. Only Northlander Mobile Homes purchased through Hillside are eligible to be placed in our Mobile Home Section. Please note* Hillside does not allow anyone to live in a trailer in any of our sections for longer than the May to October season.

2. What are your season fees?
Please call the office to obtain the current season fees.

3. What are the requirements to bring a unit into Hillside?
Ideally units should be no older than 10 years, we will consider units up to 15 years providing you bring or send us current pictures and when the unit gets here, it must look like the pictures. We reserve the right to change our mind based on the condition of the trailer. You cannot bring your own unit into our 8 or 10 month or year round section.

4. How long can my trailer stay at Hillside? Once it reaches 10/15 year mark will I have to leave or upgrade? All trailers can stay at Hillside for as long as you wish to be a customer and enjoy our ammenities providing your account is in good standing and you keep your trailer and lot in a neat, tidy and clean state. Please see #5 for information about selling your unit.

5. Can I sell my unit at any time? Your unit can be sold at any time, you don't have to list through our office, however many people enjoy the benefits associated with doing so. If you choose to sell, Hillside reserves the right to take back our site, Hillside decides each sale on a case by case basis.

For more information pertaining to 8 and 10 month seasons please click here

Thank you for taking the time to read above, if we haven't answered your question please contact us
Phone: 519-632-7572
Fax: 519-632-9020

Email: hillside@hillsidelakepark.com
Please note* emails that are sent on a weekend during Full Peak Season usually won't be returned/answered until Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Instead feel free to call and we'd be happy to answer your questions over the phone!

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