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Hillside has 7 sites that have varying types of park model trailers, and 27 sites featuring Northlander built, 4 season park model trailers. As all of these sites are filled, the only way to become an 8 or 10 month customer is to purchase one of these units on site if/when one becomes available. As these sites were developed for use by snowbirds and those semi or fully retired, all of our extended season sites are restricted to those aged 50+. Visitors, family and grandchild are always welcome in this area and can even stay overnight or visit for a few weeks at a time, however regular occupancy is restricted.

As an 8 month customer the season runs from April 15th to December 15th each and every season. Our 10 month customers enjoy the flexibility of choosing the 10 consecutive months each year that make Hillside their home away from home.  Units in both sections have full water and sewer hook ups, as well as winter road access. You are welcome to come and check on your unit during your "off season" however you cannot stay overnight, or visit multiple days in a row. Guests visiting either of these sites are expected to pay visitors fees during the camping season, (long weekend in May up to and including Thanksgiving Monday) that means that outside of the camping season your guests can visit free of charge.

Commonly asked questions about our extended season areas:

Is there a chance the 8 or 10 Month area will ever become year round? This area was designed strictly to be used for seasonal recreation, at no time is it to be used as your permanent residence, it will not be rezoned to year round. Hillside has year round living in the mobile home area. Why can’t we stay for 12 months of the year? The only area in the park zoned for year round living is the mobile home area. The rest of the park is zoned as seasonal recreational use only.

Is there school bus pick up for kids? No. Only children in the Mobile Home areas qualify for busing transportation to schools. The extended season areas are geared for those looking to travel and whom are retired or snowbirds.

I only use my unit for 6 months, can I rent it out for the remaining 2 or 4 months or allow family to use it ? No. Hillside does not allow subletting of any kind in any areas of the park. We do not allow sharing of sites or units.

What is included in the fees? Your season fee includes water and sewer. Additional charges would consist of hydro, propane, propane tank rental, Municipal Property Assessment Fee and visitors fees.

Can I bring my own Northlander or Park Model Unit into the extended season area? No, there are no empty lots left and if a unit was ever removed from the property, the new unit would have to be ordered from Hillside and be a qualifying Northlander park model.

My trailer has a winter package why can’t I stay for the extended season? The only sites that are allowed extended season are designed sites. Even if you don’t mind not having water, Hillside doesn't allow customers to stay outside of the camping season unless on a properly designated extended season site.

When are the fees due? 10 Month season fees are billed January 1st and due in full by January 31st. 8 month season fees are billed April 1st and due by April 30th. Other fees (hydro, propane, etc.) are billed each month as required and due by the end of that month.

Can I have Internet / Phone Services? Yes. While Hillside doesn't supply internet services outside of the office several customers have found some of the major carriers that work very well. (Waterloo Wireless, Silo, Xplornet, Rogers etc.) Phone service is offered through Bell Canada, as of yet this area does not have cable. Satellite services with many suppliers are available as well.

What's this about Trailer Tax? Trailer tax, properly known as an assessement fee applies to all units that are wider than 8 feet (tipouts/slides don't count), and/or have trailers that have added a Florida Room. Screened rooms are not assessable at this point. The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation decides if a unit is assessable and the value.  (screened rooms are ok and aren’t assessable)

Think that this area is perfect for you ? Check our for sale page to see if anything is available for sale, or call our office to enquire.

More information about Northlander models can be found by clicking on the link below that will take you directly to Northlander's website.

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